Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 19/2019

[11th April 2019]

The Legislative Agenda for Parliament’s 2018/2019 Session:

How Far Has it Progressed?

BILL WATCH 18/2019

[5th April 2019]

Bills and Acts of 2018

Update on Bills Passed by Parliament during 2018

Twelve Bills were passed by Parliament during 2018:

Finance Bill

Appropriation (2018) Bill

Estate Administrators Amendment Bill

BILL WATCH 17/2019

[28th March 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Have Approved the

African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance

BILL WATCH 16/2019

[27th March 2019]

The Senate is Sitting This Week

The National Assembly has Adjourned to Tuesday 7th May

In the Senate This Week


Cyclone Idai

The Senate resumed sitting yesterday, Tuesday 26th March, having been in recess for the previous two weeks.  At the end of Thursday’s sitting it is expected to adjourn until Tuesday 7th May. 

BILL WATCH 15/2019

[21st March 2019]

The New Monetary Policy : Legal Issues

The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe delivered his Monetary Policy Statement on the 20th February and, amongst other measures, announced the following:

BILL WATCH 14/2019

[13th March 2019]

The National Assembly is Sitting This Week

The Senate is in Recess until 26th March

Zimbabwe Ratifies Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty [CTBT]

On 13th February Zimbabwe ratified this treaty, which was signed on its behalf in 1999.  On 14th February a national seminar on CTBT took place in Harare. 

BILL WATCH 13/2019

[12th March 2019]

Unfinished Business 

January’s Defence Forces Deployment:

Parliament Not Yet Officially Informed

Nearly two months have passed since mid-January, when the Defence Forces were deployed in support of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in the maintenance of public order.  The heavy-handed deployment continued for some time. 

BILL WATCH 12/2019

[6th March 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament are Sitting This Week

Finance Act and Appropriation (2019) Act Gazetted

These Acts were published in a Government Gazette Extraordinary dated 20th February:

Finance Act, 2019 (No. 1 of 2019) [link]


[15th February 2019]

From the Horse’s Mouth:  Finance Minister Ncube Tells Senators

What US Dollar/Bond Note Parity Means when Paying Government or its Agencies

Confusing legislative terminology

BILL WATCH 10/2019

[17th February 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament are in Recess until Tuesday 5th March

Monetary Statement Late


[10th February 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Have Adjourned to Tuesday 12th February

Both Houses of Parliament sat again last week.  Both enjoyed a relatively easy week.  Only one sitting lasted until after 5 pm; the others ended well before that, most of them just before or just after 4 pm.  After Thursday afternoon’s sittings both Houses adjourned until next Tuesday, 12th February. 


[3rd February 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Have Adjourned to Tuesday 5th February

Polarisation in Parliament over the Current Economic and Security Situation


[28th January 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Will Resume Sitting on Tuesday 29th January

Coming Up in the Senate


[25th January 2019]

Update on Statutory Instruments January to August 2018: Part 3


[24th January 2019]

Update on Statutory Instruments January to August 2018: Part 2

This bulletin follows on from Bill Watch 37/2018 of 9th November [link], which was Part 1 of a series aimed at providing basic information, not previously provided in our bulletins, about the approximately 170 statutory instruments [SIs] gazetted during the period January to end of August 2018. 


[21st January  2019]

Finance Bill : When Does it Come into Force?  Can the Senate amend it?



[20th January  2019]

Fixing of Fuel Prices


[14th January  2019]

Both Houses of Parliament are in Recess until Tuesday 29th January

Last Parliamentary Sittings of 2018

Both Houses of Parliament reassembled  on Tuesday 18th December and completed three sittings before adjourning until Tuesday 29th January.    

The National Assembly approved:

BILL WATCH 44/2018

[13th December 2018]

Both Houses Will Resume Next Week, on Tuesday 18th December

The Week Ending Friday 7th December in the National Assembly

BILL WATCH 43/2018

[4th December 2018]

The National Assembly will Resume on Tuesday 4th December

to Debate the 2019 National Budget.

The Senate will not Meet again until 18th December

Last Week’s Preparations for the Budget Debate