Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 35/2013

[30th July 2013]

The Elections are Tomorrow, Wednesday 31st July

Response to Requests for More Information

Presidential Candidate Mukwazhe Withdraws

BILL WATCH 34/2013

[30th July 2013]

Problems with the Electoral Act


BILL WATCH 33/2013

[29th July 2013]

Possible Implications of Constitutional Court Giving Special Voters a Second Opportunity to Vote

BILL WATCH 32/2013

[26th July 2013]

Special Voting Debacle Prompts ZEC Application to Constitutional Court

Special Voting a Debacle: Many Unable to Vote

BILL WATCH 31/2013

[25th July 2013]

6 Days to Elections

This bulletin will cover the special voting debacle.

ZEC’s application to the Constitutional Court to try and remedy it will be covered in the next bulletin.

Special Voting Debacle

BILL WATCH 30/2013

[18th July 2013]

Elections Countdown

There are 13 days to go to polling day on Wednesday 31st July

31st July a Public Holiday

BILL WATCH 29/2013

[17th July 2013]

Legislation Update

Acts of 2013 Already Gazetted

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act, 2013 [No. 1/2013] on 22nd May 2013

Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act, 2013 [No. 4/2013] on 21st June, 2013

Bills Passed by Parliament not yet Gazetted as Acts

BILL WATCH 28/2013

[4th July 2013]

Constitutional Court Confirms 31st July Election Date

Late this afternoon the Constitutional Court, in a unanimous decision:

BILL WATCH 27/2013

[3rd July 2013]

The Seventh Parliament of Zimbabwe Sat for the Last Time on Thursday 27th June

BILL WATCH 26/2013

[25th June 2013]

Countdown to Dissolution of Parliament

Both Houses met this afternoon [Tuesday].  This leaves only two scheduled sitting days before the automatic dissolution of Parliament at midnight on 28th June.

BILL WATCH 25/2013

[19th June 2013]

Countdown to Dissolution of Parliament

There are only four scheduled sitting days left before the automatic dissolution of Parliament at midnight on 28th June.  Extra sitting days and late night sittings can be called as long as they are before midnight on 28th June.

BILL WATCH 24/2013

[15th June 2013]

Both Houses of Parliament will sit on Tuesday 18th June

Countdown to Dissolution of Parliament

There are now only six regular sittings days left before the automatic dissolution of Parliament at midnight on 28th June

Coming up in Parliament Next Week

BILL WATCH 23/2013

[14th June 2013]

Three Statutory Instruments were gazetted in Government Gazette Extraordinary No. 46 dated 13th June:

  • SI 87 – Electoral (Amendment) Regulations, 2013 (No. 8)
  • SI 88 – Electoral (Nomination of Candidates) Regulations, 2013
  • SI 89 – Electoral (Accreditation of Observers) Regulations, 2013.

This raises several questions

BILL WATCH 22/2013

[13th June 2013]

Election Date Proclamation

This afternoon [13th June 2013] the President published a proclamation announcing dates for the forthcoming general election.  This followed this morning’s gazetting of Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Regulations to amend the Electoral Act [see Bill Watch 20/2013].

The dates fixed by the proclamation are as follows:

BILL WATCH 21/2013

[13th June 2013]

Statement by Prime Minister of Zimbabwe

Thursday, 13th June 2013

Today, early in the morning, I received a letter from President Mugabe dated 13 June 2013, in which he advised that in purported compliance with the Constitutional Court judgment, he was proclaiming the 28th of June 2013 as the sitting of the nomination court and the 31ST July as the Election Day.

BILL WATCH 20/2013

[13th June 2013]

Presidential Powers Regulations Used to Amend Electoral Act

BILL WATCH 19/2013

[11th June 2013]

Are Elections by End of July Possible?

Constitutional Court Judgment of 31st May

In a majority judgment handed down by Chief Justice Chidyausiku on 31st May the Constitutional Court ordered and directed the President: 

BILL WATCH 17/2013

[30th May 2013]

House of Assembly and Senate adjourned until Tuesday 4th June

Supreme Court Nullifies Private Member’s Urban Councils Amendment Bill

BILL WATCH 16/2013

[20th May 2013]

Both Houses of Parliament Sitting Tuesday 21st May

New Constitution Bill Through Parliament on 15th May

BILL WATCH 15/2013

[16th May 2013]

SADC Endorsed Election Roadmap a Precondition of Elections - Part II


The Roadmap is made up of a brief Introduction and a table divided into eight parts to cover eight issues, A - H.  The first three issues – A. Sanctions; B. Constitution; C Media Reform  – were covered in Part I [Bill Watch 14/2013 of 15th May 2013].