Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 48/2020

[16th July 2020]

Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review Statement,

Supplementary Estimates, Appropriation & Finance Bills

to be Presented This Afternoon

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development is due to present his Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review Statement in the National Assembly this afternoon.

BILL WATCH 47/2020

[15th July 2020]

Closure of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and
Mobile Money Platforms

BILL WATCH 46/2020

[10th July 2020]

The Senate Sat Last Week, then Adjourned until 21st July

The National Assembly Sat This Week & Will Sit Again Next Week

First Acts of 2020 Gazetted

BILL WATCH 45/2020

[9th July 2020]

The National Assembly Today Started Debating the Constitution of Zimbabwe

Amendment (No. 2) Bill

BILL WATCH 44/2020

[8th July 2020]

SI Establishing National Public Health Institute:
Is it Valid?

BILL WATCH 43/2020

[6th July 2020]

Covid-19 Lock-down Order : Relaxation for Some Tourist
Facilities and Operators

BILL WATCH 42/2020

[29th June 2020]

The National Assembly Sat Last Week, then Adjourned until Tuesday 7th July

The Senate Will Resume Sitting This Week, on Tuesday 30th June

Another “Recall” by MDC-T: This Time of Nine MPs

BILL WATCH 41/2020

[28th June 2020]

Covid-19 Lock-down Order : New Amendments

BILL WATCH 40/2020

[27th June 2020]

The National Prosecuting Authority Amendment Bill


BILL WATCH 39/2020

[23rd June 2020]

The National Assembly Sat Last Week and Continues This Week

The Senate’s Next Sitting Will Be on Tuesday 30th June

Bills Coming Up This Week

BILL WATCH 38/2020

[19th June 2020]

Covid-19 Regulations and Order : Further Amendments and
Relaxation of Lock-down

BILL WATCH 37/2020

[17th June 2020]

Parliament Invites Public Comments on Two Bills:

(1)  Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill

(2)  Pension and Provident Funds Bill

On 16th June Parliament published notices on its website inviting the public to submit comments on the above two Bills for consideration by the relevant parliamentary committee(s). 

BILL WATCH 36/2020

[15th June 2020]

The Senate met on 9th and 10th June

The National Assembly will Sit on Tuesday 16th June

BILL WATCH 35/2020

[13th June 2020]

The Attorney-General’s Office Amendment Bill


This is an odd Bill, in that it will amend an Act of Parliament which was passed by Parliament nearly nine years ago but has never been brought into force.  Some of the Bill’s provisions are even odder, as we shall show in this Bill Watch.

BILL WATCH 34/2020

[7th June 2020]

National Assembly Sittings 2nd to 4th June

Amended Marriages Bill Approved

BILL WATCH 33/2020

[1st June 2020]

In the National Assembly Last Week & Coming up This Week

The National Assembly was the only House sitting last week and will sit again this week, starting on 2nd June.  This bulletin outlines first the business done last week and then the business on the Order Paper for this week. 

The Senate last sat on 21st May and is not due to sit again until Tuesday 9th June.

BILL WATCH 32/2020

[27th May 2020]

Covid-19 Lock-down Order : Amended Again

BILL WATCH 31/2020

[26th May 2020]

Parliament Resumes Business

BILL WATCH 30/2020

[20th May 2020]

Government Gazettes Update: 25th April to 18th May

This bulletin lists and briefly outlines the content of Statutory Instruments [SIs] and some General Notices [GNs] published in Government Gazettes from 25th April to 18th May 2020.  Those SIs on which Veritas has already commented have links to the relevant Bill Watch bulletins.

BILL WATCH 29/2020

[17th May 2020]

National Lockdown Extended – but with Further Relaxations

and Subject to Fortnightly Reviews

Indefinite Extension of COVID-19 National Lockdown