Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 43/2019

[9th August 2019]

Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill Gazetted,

Supplementary Appropriation (2019) Bill, Finance (No. 2) Bill and

Amended Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill passed by National Assembly

BILL WATCH 42/2019

[4th August 2019]

Presentation of 2019 Mid-Year Budget Review & Supplementary Budget

Both Houses will Sit Again on Tuesday 6th August

BILL WATCH 41/2019

[31st July 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Are Sitting Again This Week

BILL WATCH 40/2019

[30th July 2019]

The Freedom of Information Bill

BILL WATCH 39/2019

[29th July 2019]

Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill

Adverse Report by Parliamentary Legal Committee

BILL WATCH 38/2019

[25th July 2019]

Parliament Invites Public Written Comments on Three Bills:

(1) Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Amendment Bill

(2) Freedom of Information Bill

(3) Coroner’s Office Bill

BILL WATCH 37/2019

[23rd July 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament will Continue Sitting This Week


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BILL WATCH 35/2019

[16th July 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Resume This Week

Both the Senate and the National Assembly will resume sittings this week, starting on Tuesday 16th July and continuing until Thursday 1st August. 

BILL WATCH 34/2019

[15th July 2019]

Non-Legislative Business in the National Assembly in June

BILL WATCH 33/2019

[4th July 2019]

Monetary Policy and the Rule of Law

BILL WATCH 32/2019

[24th June 2019]

Only RTGS Dollars are Legal Tender

This morning an important statutory instrument was published in a Government Gazette Extraordinary:  the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (Legal Tender) Regulations, 2019 (SI 142 of 2019).  The instrument can be viewed on the Veritas website [link].

BILL WATCH 31/2019

[21st June 2019]

Progress on Bills 11th – 21st June

Next Sitting of National Assembly: Tuesday 25th June

Next Sitting of Senate: Tuesday 16th July

BILL WATCH 30/2019

[11th June 2019]

Both Houses will be Sitting This Week

Tripartite Negotiating Forum Act Gazetted and in Force

The Tripartite Negotiating Forum Act, 2019 (Act No. 3 of 2019) was gazetted and came into force on Tuesday 4th June [Government Gazette Extraordinary dated 4th June 2019].  It can be downloaded from the Veritas website [link].

BILL WATCH 29/2019

[3rd June 2019]

Both Houses Sat Last Week

Both have Adjourned until Tuesday 11th June

The last two weeks have seen encouraging progress on Bills, as follows:


Name of Bill

National Assembly [NA]

  BILL WATCH 28/2019

[28th May 2019]

Both Houses Sat Last Week and is Sitting Again This Week

Coming Up in Parliament This Week

At the end of last Thursday’s sitting both Houses adjourned until today, Tuesday 28th May.  This is a departure from the Sitting Calendar, which envisaged a break until 11th June.  The departure must have been prompted by the need for accelerated progress on pending Bills.

BILL WATCH 27/2019

[21st May 2019]

Both Houses are Sitting This Week

Update on Last Week’s Progress on Bills in the National Assembly

Committee Stage amendments made and PLC reports on amendments awaited

BILL WATCH 26/2019

[15th May 2019]

The National Assembly is Sitting Again This Week

The Senate will not Sit Again until Tuesday 21st May

Update on Bills in the National Assembly

Companies and Other Business Entities Bill [link]

Last week

BILL WATCH 25/2019

[6th May 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament Will Resume on Tuesday 7th May

In our Bill Watch 22/2019 of the 17th April we analysed the Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill to see how far it differs from the Public Order and Security Act, and we concluded that the Bill will make no material difference to the existing law. 

In this Bill Watch we shall examine the Bill again to see whether its provisions, if enacted, will be constitutional.

The Constitution

BILL WATCH 23/2019

[22nd April 2019]

Both Houses of Parliament are in Recess until Tuesday 7th May

Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill Gazetted