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[26th July 2014]

Parliamentary Committee Meetings Monday 28th to Thursday 31st July

A New Look for this Bulletin

Starting with this issue, bulletins in this series will give information about all forthcoming Parliamentary committee meetings – not just meetings that are open to the public as hitherto, but also “closed meetings” and other activities such as fact-finding visits.  It is hoped that this additional information will be useful to those following the work of these committees. 

Open meetings will be listed first with the usual details – name of committee, date and time of meeting, name of committee, the agenda, venue and names of committee chairperson and clerk.

Closed meetings will be listed next, with date of meeting, name of committee and the agenda.

Committees not meeting  will also be listed for the sake of completeness.

Reminder on Emailing Parliament

Members of the public, including Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, can send written submissions to committees by email addressed to

1.  Meetings Open to the Public 28th to 31st July 

Members of the public may attend these open meetings, but as observers only, not as participants, i.e. they may listen but not speak.  The meetings are at Parliament in Harare.  If attending, please use the entrance on Kwame Nkrumah Ave between 2nd and 3rd Streets.  Please note that IDs must be produced.

Please note  While the following details are based on the latest information received from Parliament, there are sometimes unavoidable last-minute changes to the meetings schedule.  Persons wishing to attend open meetings are therefore advised to avoid disappointment by checking with the relevant committee clerk [see names below] that the meeting is still on and/or still open to the public. 

Parliament’s telephone numbers are Harare 700181 and 252940/1.

Monday 28th July at 10 am

Public Accounts Committee

Oral evidence from the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry on the 2011 report of the Auditor-General

Committee Room No 311

Chair: Hon Mpariwa                        Clerk: Mrs Nyawo [ext 2218]

Monday 28th July at 2 pm

Portfolio Committee: Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

Oral evidence from Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on progress made in the alignment of legislation to the Constitution

Senate Chamber

Chair: Hon Majome                        Clerk: Ms Zenda [ext 2280/2176]

Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th July

No open meetings

Thursday 31st July at 9 am

Thematic Committee: Peace and Security

Oral evidence from the International Organisation for Migration [IOM] on challenges posed by land mines

Committee Room No 4

Chair: Hon Mumvuri                       Clerk: Mr Kunzwa [ext 2053]

Thursday 31st July at 9.30 am

Portfolio Committee:  Youth, Indigenization and Economic Empowerment

Oral evidence from the Minister of Mines and Mining Development on the capitalization of community share ownership trusts

Senate Chamber

Chair: Hon Wadyajena                            Clerk: Ms Zenda [ext 2280 /2176]

Thursday 31st July at 10 am

Portfolio Committee: Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development

Oral evidence from the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development on challenges faced by housing cooperatives

Government Caucus Room

Chair: Hon Mangami                                Clerk: Mr Mazani [ext 2054]

2.  Meetings Closed to the Public 28th to 31st July

Note:  Many of the meetings listed below will be concerned with the preparation/finalisation of committee reports for presentation to the Senate, in the case of thematic committees, or the National Assembly, in the case of portfolio committees.  Committee chairpersons will be hoping to present reports before the present Parliamentary session closes at the end of August.

Monday 28th July

Portfolio Committee:  Transport and  Infrastructure Development

Familiarisation tour to National Railways of Zimbabwe [NRZ], Bulawayo

Portfolio Committee: Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services

Consideration of the first quarter budget performance report for the Ministries of Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services

Portfolio Committee: Environment, Water, Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Consideration of the draft report on funeral parlours

Portfolio Committee: Mines and Energy

Deliberations on the draft report on gold sector fact-finding visits

Portfolio Committee: Higher Education, Science and Technology

Deliberations on oral evidence received from the principal of Seke Teachers’ College on the Cadetship Scheme

Thematic Committee: Gender and Development

Consideration of the draft report on the registration and conduct of churches

Thematic Committee: HIV/AIDS

Deliberations on fact-finding visits to Chikurubi Prison Hospital and Mabvuku Polyclinic

Portfolio Committee: Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare

Consideration of the draft report on the 2014 half-year budget performance of the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare

Portfolio Committee: Finance and Economic Development

Deliberations on oral evidence received from the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, ZIMRA and RBZ

Portfolio Committee: Communication Technology, Postal & Courier Services

Consideration of the draft report on the state of the mobile telephone services sector in Zimbabwe

Tuesday 29th July

Thematic Committee: MDG’s

Deliberations on oral evidence received from the Minister of State for Liasing on Psychomotor Activities in Education on how the Ministry’s activities relate to MDGs

Portfolio Committee: Health and Child Care

Consideration of the first draft report on the State of Affairs of the Health Delivery System in Zimbabwe

Portfolio Committee: Lands, Agriculture Mechanisation and Irrigation 

Review of the Committee’s workplan

Portfolio Committee: local Government, Rural and Urban Development

Deliberations on oral evidence received from the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing on the Ministry’s policy regarding the demolition of unplanned houses in Chitungwiza and other towns

Portfolio Committee: Industry and Commerce

Consideration of the draft report on the State of Industry and Revival Strategies

Portfolio Committee: Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development

Consideration of the draft report on the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development’s programs, activities and gender mainstreaming in line Ministries

Wednesday 30th July    No meetings 

Thursday 31st July

Thematic Committee: Indigenization and Empowerment

Consideration of written submissions from Umguza Share Ownership Trust

Portfolio Committee: Education, Sport, Arts and Culture

Consideration of the draft report on the state of sport in Zimbabwe

Portfolio Committee: : Media, Information and Broadcasting Services

Consideration of the draft report on media law realignment and digitalisation

3.  Committees Not Meeting

Two committees will not be meeting during the week:

- Thematic Committee on Human Rights

- Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Forthcoming Suspension of Committee Meetings

Committees will meet during the week ending 8th August, but will then have a two-week break, resuming meetings on Monday 25th August.  [The Senate and the National Assembly have already started a four-week break, and will next meet on Tuesday 26th August.  The Heroes’ Day and Defence Forces Day public holidays fall on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th August.]

Speaker’s Statement on MPs Neglecting Committee Duties

In a strong statement in the National Assembly on 24th July the Speaker not only deplored a worrying trend by some Ministers to prioritise other commitments at the expense of their Parliamentary duties, but also said that some MPs were undermining the work of portfolio committees by not attending committee meetings regularly.  He warned that he would name and shame members guilty of not performing their duties diligently.  [Full statement available from the addresses listed below]


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