The Women's Charter - April 2000


We, the women of Zimbabwe, as full citizens making up over half the Zimbabwean people;
Claiming the birthright of every human being to have freedom to equality and non discrimination;
Having contributed equally to the development of the nation throughout its history;
Having contributed equally to the struggle for the independence of our nation;
Having suffered oppression through patriarchy, custom and tradition, colonialism, racism, male dominated dictatorship and capitalism;
Finding ourselves still discriminated against in law, politics, business, society, culture and religion.
As workers’ in every sphere of national life;
As the mothers of the people and of future generations.....

A constitution, laws and policies that make women and men equal and eliminates all forms of discrimination against women;
To be recognized for our role in founding and developing the country;
To be recognized as full and equal citizens of their country and participate actively in the country’s development;
An end to all forms of oppression and exploitation in both the public and the private sphere;
An end to discrimination against women in public life, at work and at home;
The creation of extra opportunities for women with a defined time frame to put right the imbalances of the past and build equality in the future;
Personal safety, protection for our property and end all forms of violence against women;
A plan of action, a time frame and the resources to make these demands possible.

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