SC 2014-07 - Portfolio Committee on Environment, Water, Tourism & Hospitality Industry Report on Waste Management by Funeral Parlours

Presented to Parliament in August 2014

1.0 Introduction

The Portfolio Committee on Environment, Water, Tourism and Hospitality Industry resolved to inquire into the waste management by funeral parlours in the city. The Committee was concerned with the allegations from the public about the waste management by funeral parlous in the nation. During a sensitization workshop on Multilateral Environmental Agreements held for the Committee in Bulawayo, discussions were made on the discharge of persistent organic pollutants by funeral parlours. The Committee was prompted to invite three major Funeral Parlours namely; Nyaradzo Group, Doves Funeral Services and Moonlight Profit Associates. The parlours had an association called Funeral Services Association (FUSA) a representative body of all funeral parlours and an affiliate of the Zimbabwe Association of Funeral Assurers that also  appeared to give evidence before the Committee. The funeral parlours presented their position to the Committee and refuted the allegations made against them regarding their poor waste management practices. The Members of the Committee then resolved to visit their mortuaries to verify the authenticity of the facts presented to them.

2.0 Aim

The major aim of the Committee was to ascertain the management of waste by funeral parlous with particular reference to the disposal of pollutants in water bodies that form sources of drinking water for residents.

3.0 Objectives

The objectives of the inquiry were;
3.1 To find out whether there are· waste disposal procedures set out for the funeral parlours by the Local Authorities and Environmental Management Agency (EMA);
3.2 To appreciate the policy challenges faced by the funeral parlours in their waste management strategies.

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