ZEC 2013 Harmonised Elections Report

The 31st July 2013 Harmonised Elections were held 5 years and 5 months after the 2008 General Elections. As is common cause, the 2008 General Elections gave rise to a presidential run-off election which was held in June 2008. The results of the June presidential runoff election were disputed and the dispute in turn gave rise to a number of distinct but related developments on the political front, notably:-
- The signing of the Global Political Agreement in September 2008;
- The subsequent formation of the Government of National Unity in February 2009;
- The setting up by Parliament of a select Committee of Parliament (“COPAC”) to spearhead the drafting of a new constitution for the country;
- The rolling out of COPAC’s processes leading to the drafting of the new Constitution and,
- The 16th of March 2013 Referendum which ushered in the new Constitution.

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