SC 2015-10 - Report of The Thematic Committee on Human Rights - The State of the Justice Delivery System in Zim

1.1 As part of its oversight role, the Thematic Committee on Human Rights conducted an inquiry into the state of the justice delivery system in Zimbabwe to better understand the policy and legislative framework that governs its operations, and to provide concrete recommendations to improve the situation.
1.2 The inquiry was undertaken in the context that a fully functioning and effective justice delivery sector is the foundation for the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

In its inquiry the Committee was guided by the following objectives;
2.1 To ascertain the policy and legal objectives underpinning judicial reforms in Zimbabwe;
2.2 To understand the state of the justice delivery system in Zimbabwe and challenges thereof, if any;
2.3 To assess the levels of public confidence in the country's justice delivery system.
2.4 To appreciate the challenges being faced by the Judiciary in the execution of its mandate, if any; and
2.5 To make appropriate recommendations in respect of possible solutions to the challenges identified.

3.1 In order to fully appreciate the subject under consideration, the Committee invited the following stakeholders to provide both written and oral submissions:
- The Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs
- The Prosecutor General's office
- The Judicial Services Commission
- The Zimbabwe Republic Police
- The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service Commission
- Law Society of Zimbabwe
- Zimbabwe Association of Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation
- Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

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