SC 2015-09 - The Portfolio Committee on Education, Sport, Arts & Culture on the State of Sport in Zimbabwe

1.1 The Portfolio Committee on Education, Sport, Arts and Culture resolved to conduct an enquiry into the state of Sport in Zimbabwe. The enquiry was motivated by the Committee's
commitment to see the grovvLh of sport and also its development particularly for the ordinary Zimbabwean. The committee held oral evidence sessions with the Sport and Recreation
Commission (SRC), Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture, Zimbabwe Rugby, Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA), Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZC) and Premier Soccer League (PSL).

2.1 ln its enquiry the committee was guided by the following objectives;
1. To assess the state of football, rugby and cricket.
2. To appreciate the challenges being faced by national associations in the development and management of sport.
3. To assess the relevance of the SRC board in progressiilg sport to the next level.
4. To offer recommendations for improvements in sport management and performance.

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