Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 31-2015



[28th August 2015]

No Parliamentary Committee Meetings until Further Notice


The Official Opening of the Third Session of the present Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe by the President has been brought forward two weeks and will be on Tuesday 15th September.   

This rescheduling has resulted in the following changes to the Parliamentary programme:

Committee Meetings suspended until further notice

All Thematic Committee and Portfolio Committee meetings have been suspended for the rest of the present session.  Meetings will resume after the 15th September, on a date still to be announced. 

Next Senate and National Assembly sittings 15th September

There will be no sittings of the Senate or the National Assembly for the next two weeks.  Both Houses of Parliament adjourned until Tuesday 15th September after hearing the State of the Nation Address from the President on 25th August.  This makes the special sittings on 25th August the last sittings of the Second Session. 

Whether there will be a week’s break after the Official Opening is not yet known; a short break is customary, to allow members of Parliament to digest the programme lined up for them in the President’s opening speech.


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