Parliamentary Committee Report on Criminal Procedure & Evidence Amendment Bill


That the Committee consists of the following;

Hon. Majome, Hon. Chipanga, Hon. Gonese, Hon. Kachepa,  Hon. Kagonye, Hon. Madondo, Hon. Mashange, Hon. Mashayamombe, Hon. Matangira, Hon. Mawere – Mubvumbi, Hon. Mguni, Hon. Mutematsaka, Hon. Mtingwende, Hon Ndlovu D.M., Hon. Nkatazo, Hon. Shumba, Hon. Zindi,.

Hon. Majome to be Chairperson


ORDERED In Terms Of Standing Order No.17

(a) At the commencement of every session, there shall be as many committees to be designated according to government portfolios as the Committee of Standing Rules and Orders may deem fit.

(b) Each select committee shall be known by the portfolio determined for it by the Committee of Standing Rules and Orders.


Terms of reference of Portfolio Committees –Standing Order No.19

                  “Subject to these Standing Orders a Portfolio Committee must:

(a) examine expenditure administration and policy of government departments and other matters falling under their jurisdictions as Parliament may, by resolution determine.

(b) consider and deal with all bills and statutory instruments or other matters which are referred to it by or under a resolution of the House or by the Speaker;

(c) consider or deal with an appropriation or money bill or any aspect of an appropriation or money bill referred to it by these Standing Orders or by or under resolution of this House; and

(d) monitor, investigate, enquire into and make recommendations relating to  any aspect of the legislative programme, budget, policy or any other matter it may consider relevant to the government department falling within the category of affairs assigned to it, and may for that purpose consult and liaise with such department;

(e) consider or deal with all international treaties, conventions and agreements relevant to it, which are from time to time negotiated, entered into or agreed upon.



            On April 3, 2015, the government gazetted the Criminal Procedure and Evidence [H.B. 2, 2015]    Bill. The Bill seeks, in some instances, to align some of the country’s laws to the Constitution, while in other instances, it seeks to introduce new provisions altogether. 


            This report is the product of consultations by the Committee through public hearings conducted from 27 to 31 July 2015 in Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Mutare and Harare. The consultations were in compliance with Section 141(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, which requires that Parliament ensures that interested parties are consulted about Bills being considered by Parliament. The Committee’s report was also informed by written submissions from interested stakeholders. Further to the consultations and submissions, the Committee also analyzed and deliberated on the Bill.

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