Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 37-2015



[30th October 2015]

Committee Meetings Suspended until Monday 16th November

At the end of their sittings on Wednesday afternoon, 28th October, both Houses of Parliament adjourned until Tuesday 17th November.  A corresponding two-week suspension of business for Thematic Committees and Portfolio Committees was also announced.  Committee meetings will therefore resume on Monday 16th November.

Members of the National Assembly and the Senate will be kept busy, today and for the next few days at least, travelling to and attending the annual Pre-Budget Seminar at Elephant Hills, Victoria Falls.   All are expected to attend, and to use the opportunity provided by the Seminar to contribute to the formulation and prioritization of the National Budget for 2016 ahead of the presentation of the Budget by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development at the end of November.   Parliamentarians have already had a Pre-Budget Briefing in preparation for the Seminar.

The Seminar runs from today, 30th October, until Tuesday 3rd November.


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