2017 Budget Strategy Paper

1. The 2017 Pre-Budget Strategy Paper (BSP) sets the tone for the formulation of the 2017 National Budget.
2. The objective is to facilitate focus on priority issues with a view to ensuring that all sector priorities are aligned to the objectives of the 2017 National Budget.
3. The Budget Strategy Paper draws priority policy areas from the Zim Asset, the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (IPRSP 2016–2018), as well as other sectoral policies and programmes.
4. Hence, line Ministries, in developing their bids, are being urged to make use of this BSP together with the above policy documents, which provide details on policies, projects, programmes and other
activities, earmarked for implementation from 2017. 
5. Similarly, due cognisance should be given to resource limitations against huge demands.
6. Accordingly, for guidance purposes, this BSP provides revenue projections and some key indicative expenditure ceilings, drawing from projections for the 2017 Macro-economic framework

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