Portfolio Committee Report on Marange-Zimunya Community Share Ownership Trust

The Constitution of Zimbabwe states explicitly that; s3(2)(f) The principles of good governance, which bind the State and all institutions and agencies of government at every level include - respect for the people of Zimbabwe, from whom the authority to govern is derived. This constitutes an important obligation to all citizens to not only make good on promises of development and prosperity, but to offer leadership that is defined by transparency, integrity and accountability. Our leadership, ultimately, is in service of the people; s3(2)(g) Transparency, justice, accountabiIity and responsiveness.

In as much as the politicians and public representatives ofthe day are expected to provide solutions to the most pertinent challenges faced by the people they represent, they must, with equal fervour, admit when they have failed. This humility will allow us as a nation to not only learn and grow from our mistakes, but will ensure that the electorate is certain of the sincerity and good faith of its leadership.

The promises that the Government makes to citizens of Zimbabwe, as well as the confidence the citizens hold in the government cannot be taken for granted and must be honoured and safeguarded, always. While this inquiry brings to light damning evidence of misrepresentation and impropriety by some public officials to the people of Zimbabwe in general and the communities ofMarangeZimunya in particular, it offers an opportunity to fully hold to account those responsible for the deliberate deception to H.E Cde. RG Mugabe and the communities that agreed to erstwhile sacrifices in the name of the nation's progress.

To leave one's home, making way for development, even on the promise of a better life is neither a light feat nor an easy task. We as Zimbabweans know only too well how  intrinsically bound we are to the land of our ancestors and know the spiritual symbolism of home. We must know, then, that when we beg such sacrifices from our citizens, we are morally obliged to honour all of the guarantees we make to them.

It then becomes not only folly but disingenuous and treacherous for politicians and public servants alike to prejudice the good people of this nation any entitlements for personal benefit on account of the temporary position of borrowed power they exercise. The Committee hopes that this report provides adequate basis for redress of wrongs committed
against the communities of Marange-Zimunya and further hopes that the Government of Zimbabwe will take the requisite actions to restore the confidence ofthe people of this community and the nation at large.

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