Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 36-2016



[28th October 2016]

Public Hearings on (1) National Competitiveness Commission Bill

and (2) Petition for Electoral Law Reform

Two National Assembly portfolio committees will be conducting public hearings this weekend—

Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce
Subject:  the National Competitiveness Commission Bill

Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs
Subject: the Election Resource Centre’s Petition for Electoral Law Reform.

Details of dates, times and venues and documents available are shown below.

The public, stakeholders and interested groups and organisations are all invited to the hearings.  The hearings provide an excellent opportunity for ensuring that members of Parliament hear public opinions on the matters under consideration.  Contributions made at the hearings will be considered by the Portfolio Committees and will be part of their reports that will be tabled in the National Assembly when the Bill and the petition come up for debate.  [Note: Those who are not  able to attend the public hearings  are free to send in written submissions, as explained below.  This includes Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. ]

Warning  Persons wearing military uniforms, signs of ranks, badges and political regalia will not be allowed access to the public hearings.

Written submissions

Written submissions and correspondence are welcome and should be addressed to The Clerk of Parliament and marked for the attention of the Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy and—

sent by email – addressed to, or

delivered – if delivering, use the Kwame Nkrumah Avenue entrance to Parliament, between Second and Third Streets, Harare, or

sent by post – to  P.O. Box CY298 Causeway, Harare.

Details of the Public Hearings

National Competitiveness Commission Bill

[text of Bill available via this link to the Veritas website]

Saturday 29th October at 10 am

Senate Chamber at Parliament

This will be the portfolio committee’s final public hearing on the Bill, at the end of a week’s programme of hearings around the country.   The early hearings were marred by poor public attendance, so all interested persons – particularly in the commercial and industrial sectors – are urged to attend and make their views on the Bill known.

If attending the hearing, please use the public entrance to Parliament on Kwame Nkrumah Ave between 2nd and 3rd Streets.  Please note that IDs must be produced.

Petition for Electoral Law Reform – Gwanda and Gweru

[text of petition available via this link to the Veritas website]

There are two public hearings.  They will wind up an eventful week for the Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, whose hearings in Mutoko and Mutare were disrupted by inappropriate behaviour, including violence —

Saturday 29th October - Gwanda

Venue:  Gwanda Hotel

Time:    10.00 am

Sunday 30th October - Gweru

Venue:  Gweru Theatre Main Auditorium

Time:    10.00 am

Other Relevant Documents Available from Veritas

Constitution of Zimbabwe [follow this link to the relevant webpage on the Veritas website]

Electoral Act consolidated [i.e., including amendments up to 25th October 2016] [link to webpage]


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