Court Watch 2016 - Interviews for Next Chief Justice Going Ahead


[12th December 2016]

Interviews for Next Chief Justice Going Ahead

After a late start the Judicial Service Commission is going ahead with its public interviews of three of the candidates to succeed Chief Justice Chidyausiku as Chief Justice of Zimbabwe.

As this morning’s press headlines announced, High Court judge Mr Justice Hungwe yesterday issued an order suspending the interviews.  But the court order has since been suspended by the noting of an appeal against it, lodged this morning on behalf of the Judicial Service Commission. 

The Interview Programme

The programme for today’s interviews allocates two hours for each candidate, in ascending order of seniority. 

Judge-President Chiweshe was to have been interviewed first, but he was not present. 

Mr Justice Garwe is being interviewed at the moment. 

This afternoon

After the lunch break the Commission will interview—

Mrs Justice Makarau, starting at 2.30 pm

Mr Justice Luke Malaba, starting at 4.45 pm.


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