Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 1-2017



[23rd January 2017]

Parliamentary Committee Meetings: 23rd to 26th January

No Senate Thematic Committee Meetings

As the Senate will not be sitting until next week, starting on Tuesday 31st January, there are no thematic committee meetings this week.

National Assembly Portfolio Committee Meetings

The National Assembly will be sitting this week, starting tomorrow, Tuesday 24th January.  Portfolio committees will be meeting but none of the meetings will be open to the public.  As the portfolio committees met last week for the post-Budget review consultations [i.e., to consult the Ministries and constitutional entities they supervise to hear their reaction to their Budget allocations for 2017], the agenda for most of the committees is adoption of their 2017 Post-Budget Review Reports.  These reports will be presented to the National Assembly during the Budget Debate, which is due to be resumed tomorrow.    

Three committees will be deliberating on other issues—

- the Public Accounts Committee, on its draft report on the 2010 and 2011 Bulawayo City Council accounts

- the Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce, on submissions from Ministry of Industry and Commerce on the resuscitation of ZISCO

- the Portfolio Committee, on Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, on oral evidence received at a previous meeting from the Zimbabwe Youth Council.

And three other committees will be reviewing their work plans.

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