ZHRC Consolidated Food Aid Report (August 2016)

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission received complaints involving alleged discrimination on the basis of political affiliation in the distribution of agricultural inputs and food aid in Buhera North Constituency (which is made up of 8 wards that is, wards 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13 and 31 which were all affected), Mazowe Central Constituency (in particular wards 7 and 8), Muzarabani North and South Constituencies (wards 2 and 17 respectively) and Bikita East Constituency (in particular the Dewure Resettlement Scheme covering wards 4 to 25.) This report contains findings of the ZHRC pursuant to investigations conducted into the complaints.
1.2. In determining its role in this matter, the ZHRC considered that the facts gave rise to distinct causes of action, namely :
1.2.1. Human rights investigation into human rights violations of Chapter 4 Part 2 of the Declaration of Rights in the Constitution of Zimbabwe.
1.2.2. Maladministration investigation on the role of public officials who were allegedly performing their duties partially and with bias against persons of a particular political affiliation in contravention of provisions of the Public Service Regulations SI 1/2000.
1.2.3. Possible Recommendation of Criminal investigation of public officials who were allegedly stealing trust property in the form of food aid entrusted to them for distribution in contravention of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act.
1.2.4. Alleged Criminal Violation of Human Rights in respect of assault perpetrated by ZANU-PF members on Buhera North Ward 7 MDC-T councilor.

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