Zimbabwe Land Commission's Annual Report 2016

The Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act 2013, Section 323 compels the Zimbabwe Land Commission to submit an annual report through the responsible Minister on its operations and activities during the preceding financial year to Parliament.

It is in this view that I hereby submit the 2016 annual report covering the period from 7 July to 31 December 2016, reflecting on achievements and setbacks recorded by the Commission since its inception, in the absence of a full Secretariat to operationalise the ZLC mandate.

To date, four Committees whose membership comprise Commissioners were formed, which sit to deliberate on various issues of land administration and management. The committees are as follows: -

  1. (a)  Legal and Governance Committee,

  2. (b)  Land Audit, Technical and Environment Committee,

  3. (c)  Communications Committee and

  4. (d)  Administration, Finance and Human Resources Committee.

During the reporting period, the Zimbabwe Land Commission crafted a 5 year Strategic Plan that would see the Zimbabwe Land Commission addressing issues in a holistic and synergistic manner. A strategic workshop was held that brought key stakeholders together. The strategic workshop set the stage for consulting further with the stakeholders to obtain the necessary information needed for the finalization of certain key baseline data of the Zimbabwe Land Commission strategic planning.

Commissioners embarked on Provincial tours for the purposes of establishing client's needs, their characteristics and the extent of the needs in line with the Constitutional mandate.

In addition to the Strategic Plan the ZLC produced its organisational structure and budget now awaiting treasury approval.

The task ahead is to address issues contained in the Strategic Plan that were raised during the client needs assessment exercise undertaken by the Commission in 2016.

In conclusion, [ wish to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to fellow Commissioners, for performing tasks and responsibilities with zeal, dedication and diligence during the last six months. The exemplary leadership must remain our banner and we will rejoice in seeing that reflection in the improved service delivery.

It is also my pleasure to register my appreciation to our parent Ministry, Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement, for the support and guidance given to us in 2016. I would also like to thank the Secretariat for the good work exhibited in 2016.

To the stakeholders and interested parties I pay tribute for every good contribution made and future investments in our common endeavour.



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