2018 pre - budget strategy paper - September 2017

The 2018 Budget Strategy Paper is part of the 2018 Budget process and sets the tone for facilitating dialogue among stakeholders on the forthcoming 2018 National Budget.
For this purpose, it outlines macro-economic and fiscal objectives, targets and other projections, taking account of underlying macro-economic and fiscal assumptions.
Based on the outlined Macro-economic and Fiscal Framework for 2018-2020, the 2018 Budget Strategy Paper, therefore, provides key economic parameters on projected economic performance, and anticipated revenue outturns – critical for guidance on expenditure capacity.
The Budget Strategy Paper also highlights fiscal risks, envisaged to arise during implementation of the Budget and hence, require recognition and mitigatory preparedness and measures.
Overall, the Budget Strategy Paper seeks to achieve focussed and well thought-out Budget Proposals that address our economic challenges in a manner that is also responsive to the needs of the people.

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