Portfolio Committee Report on ERC Petition for Electoral Reform - 20 March 2018


The Election Resource Centre (ERC) submitted a petition to Parliament on 5th October 2015 pursuant to Section 149 of the Constitution which allows every citizen and permanent resident a right to petition Parliament to consider any matter within its authority. As will more fully appear in the petition attached, the petitioners implored Parliament to exercise its oversight function over the Executive by ensuring that in line with the Constitution and principles of good governance, the following issues are realised:

a)    Enhancement of the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (“ZEC”)

b)   Review of all legislation that negatively impacts on the political environment, hence on the electoral process and the outcome.

c)    Review of provisions relating to voter registration and the voter’s roll to enhance the credibility of elections.

d)   Enhancement of voter education by creating more space for stakeholders other than ZEC.

e)    Extension of the voting franchise to all regardless of location.

f)     Reconstitution of the Electoral Court as a stand-alone court.

g)    Invitation of electoral observers must exclusively be a function of ZEC; and

h)   Enhancement of the role of ZEC in the delimitation of electoral boundaries.


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