Notice of Appeal - ZANU PF v ARTUZ

Notice of Appeal
A. TAKE NOTICE that Appellant hereby appeals against the whole of the judgement of the High Court of Zimbabwe, Masvingo per Mafusire J, in Case No. HC 263/18.
B. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE THAT the judgement appealed was handed down ex tempore in Chambers at Masvingo on the 28th June 2018. A copy of the Order issued is attached hereto as Annexure "A".
C. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE THAT the decision appealed being the grant of an interdict, no leave to appeal is required by reason of Section 43 (2) (d) (ii) of the High Court Act.
D. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE THAT the appellant's address for service is care of its legal practitioners of record as specified  below.