Bill Watch 16 - 2018 Land Commission Advertises for Consultancy Services on Agricultural Land Audit and Leasehold Tenure Review

BILL WATCH 16/2018

21st August 2018

Zimbabwe Land Commission Advertisement for Consultants for

(1) the Audit of Agricultural Land and (2) the Review of the

Agricultural Land Leasehold Land Tenure System


A Government Gazette Extraordinary dated 10th August contained the following self-explanatory Invitation to Competitive Tender issued by the Zimbabwe Land Commission.  Please note the closing time and date for the submission of bids: 10 am on Monday 3rd September. 



General Notice 633A of 2018.

Invitation to Competitive Tender

TENDERS must be in sealed envelopes and endorsed on the outside with advertised tender number, description and the dosing date. Tenders must be posted in time to be sorted into Post Office box or delivered by hand into the ZLC tender box at ZLC Head Office, M Floor, Fidelity Life Tower- Building, 5, Raleigh Street, Harare, on or before 1000 hours on 3rd September, 2018.

Tender number

ZLC COMP.003/2018. Bidders are invited to bid for the supply and delivery of a 30 seater minibus.

ZLC COMP.004/2018. Bidders are invited to bid for the provision of consultancy services for the implementation of Comprehensive National Agricultural Land Audit Programme.

ZLC COMP005/2018, Bidders are invited to bid for the provision of consultancy services for Review of Agricultural Leasehold Land Tenure System.

Bid documents are obtained from Finance and Administration Office, M Boor, Fidelity Life Tower Building, 5, Raleigh Street, Harare, upon payment of a non-refundable tender fee of US$10,00. The closing date is 3rd September, 2018.




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