Election Watch 42-2018 - Lists - Members of the New Parliament & Election Petitions


23rd August 2018

Lists of Members of the New Parliament

Election Watch 41/2018 outlined Party Strengths in the new Parliament [link]

This bulletin goes on to provide a list of all the members declared duly elected to the new Parliament and a list of election petitions filed in the Electoral Court as at 17 August 2018.  It has two attachments(links to the documents are below):

·        one attachment lists all the members of the new Parliament

This document uses information published by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] to list the names, sex, constituency and province and, where appropriate, party affiliation of all persons declared duly elected as members of the National Assembly [270] and Senators [80] in the harmonised elections.

Note: These lists may be subject to change, if election petitions are successful.

·        the other attachment lists election petitions challenging constituency election results

This document includes election petitions that have been filed in the Electoral Court to challenge the results declared for nineteen National Assembly constituency seats and sundry council seats.  The petitions referring to National Assembly seats are highlighted by underlining in the third column headed Nature of Application.

Note: more petitions were planned but not pursued because of costs.

As pointed out in Election Watch 41/2018 [link], it is possible that success in one or more of these nineteen election petitions may, not only lead to changes in the lists of constituency MPs, but also, if petitions result in a variation of the number of votes per party per province, in the allocation of party-list seats in both the National Assembly and Senate.   

Electoral Court Matters Filed as at 17 August 2018

MPs and Senators declared elected after 30 July 2018_harmonised elections

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