Government of Zimbabwe Presentation : Towards An Upper-Middle Income Economy by 2030

Government of Zimbabwe
“New Dispensation Core Values”
19 April 2018
Washington DC
1. This Policy Document seeks to share with the international community at large, as well as domestic stakeholders, our key reform initiatives and commitments, under the New Dispensation, on rebuilding and transforming Zimbabwe to become an Upper-Middle Income Economy by 2030.
2. The Document further outlines an update of the “Lima Agenda”, giving milestones and progress attained so far, as well as our next steps towards a new Zimbabwe.1
3. The New Political Dispensation follows more than 18 years of economic isolation and erosion of investor confidence, which has seen Zimbabwe losing phenomenal ground in terms of development.
4. The formation of the New Government therefore, provides an opportunity for reconstruction and transformation of the economy to one which is capable of creating maximum opportunities for people to live a full and dignified life, taking advantage of the immense and diverse domestic resource endowments, tapping into investment prospects from international markets.
5. The transformation process will require fixing of broken relations and rebuilding bridges with cooperating partners both at home and abroad.
6. It also entails restoring and establishing essential principles and systems, which enhance our democracy and development agenda.
7. Such robust and progressive principles and systems guide the current Administration and constitute a solid base for future generations, without a repeat of slippages as witnessed during the last two decades.


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