Commissions Watch - National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Press Statement of 15 January 2019 on Deteriorating Economic & Political Situation in Zimbabwe



The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission is concerned by the deteriorating political and economic situation in the country.

The NPRC is therefore initiating a multi-stakeholder consultative dialogue process.

The Commission commits to doing everything in its power to fulfil its  constitutional mandate to prevent any situation that arises in the country from deteriorating into a national conflict.

The NPRC hereby calls upon all people involved in the ongoing situation to exercise their democratic rights peacefully and responsibly and desist from violence and violation of other citizens’ rights.

The Commission calls upon all law enforcement institutions to preserve life, protect property and maintain law and order responsibly and with restraint.

Going forward, the NPRC calls upon all key stakeholders to come to a national dialogue in order to share views on how to address the situation in our country and foster sustainable peace and development.

Issued  By The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission

On 15th January 2019

7th Floor, First Mutual Life Building, 99 Jason Moyo Ave, Harare.

Twitter: @NPRCZim , Website:, Cell: +263712325358

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