AN ACT to provide for the solemnization of customary marriages; to regulate certain other incidents in connection with such marriages and to prevent the pledging of children. [Date of commencement: 1st January, 1951.]
1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Customary Marriages Act [Chapter 5:07].
2 Interpretation
In this Act—
“customary marriage officer” means—
(a) a magistrate; or
(b) an official or chief appointed to be a customary officer in terms of section eighteen;
“customary marriage” means a marriage between Africans;
“Marriage Act” means the Marriage Act [Chapter 5:11] and includes, where appropriate, the Marriage Act [Chapter 177 of 1963];
“marriage consideration” means the consideration given or to be given by any person in respect of the marriage of an African woman, whether such marriage is contracted according to customary law or solemnized in terms of the Marriage Act or this Act;
“marriage register” means the marriage register referred to in section eight;
“Minister” means the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs or any other Minister to whom the President may, from time to time, assign the administration of this Act;
“solemnization”, in relation to marriage, means solemnization in terms of this Act.  


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