Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum - On the Days of Darkness in Zimbabwe

On the Days of Darkness in Zimbabwe
An Updated Report on the Human Rights
Violations Committed between
14 January, 2019
5 February, 2019
On 12 January, 2019, President Mnangagwa announced during a press conference that the fuel prices would increase to $3.11 per litre for diesel and $3.31 per litre for petrol due to the increased demand for fuel, and illegal black market. Following the announcement by President Mnangagwa, the Forum deployed monitors on 13 January to monitor citizen reactions to the fuel price increase. Our monitors visited Chitungwiza, Kuwadzana, and Harare CBD. The environment was recorded as tense, with one incident of citizens protesting through creating a roadblock in Kuwadzana. The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and #ThisFlag movement called for a 3-day national stay away from 14 – 16 January, 2019 in response to the fuel crisis. On the day of the stay-away, protests broke out mainly in Chitungwiza, Bulawayo and Harare’s high density suburbs leading to clashes between the police and the protestors. What followed was a ‘de facto’ state of emergency. In unclear circumstances, the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) was unlawfully deployed into the streets and residential areas where they unleashed a reign of terror on anyone they came across. This report details at least 1803 violations committed since January 14, 2019, across the whole country.


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