Budget Portfolio Committee Report on Bench-marking Visit to Parliament of Kenya


    1. The Portfolio Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Development conducted a benchmarking visit to the Parliament of Kenya from the 28th to 3rd of August 2019. The benchmarking visit was fully funded by Parliament of Zimbabwe. The visit was conducted during the first session of the 9th life of Parliament as part of capacity building for the Committee as it strives to understand its mandate and improve on how it conducts its business. The benchmarking visit was very fruitful as the delegation was able to achieve its main objectives.
    2. The delegation comprised of nine Honourable Members of Parliament and one member of staff from the Budget, Finance and Economic Development Committee, namely; Hon. Felix Mhona (Chair of the Committee); Hon. Ability Gandawa; Hon. Alice Ndhlovu; Hon. Edwin Mushoriwa; Hon. Godfrey Dube; Hon. Tatenda Mavetera; Hon. Torerai Moyo; Hon. Willias Madzimure; Hon. Zhemu Soda and Mrs. Precious Mtetwa (Secretary to the Delegation).

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