Cabinet Decision Matrix 2019-22

Cabinet noted with satisfaction the decision taken by the Monetary Authorities to abolish the multicurrency system and replace it with a mono-currency as contained in Statutory Instrument 142 of 2019. This measure is a critical step towards the full restoration of a Zimbabwe sovereign currency as envisaged under the Transitional Stabilisation Programme. Cabinet also applauds the other supportive measures being introduced by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to bolster this initiative. Further, the commencement of meetings of the Social Partners, that is, Government, Business and Labour under the Tripartite Negotiating Forum is indeed a welcome development, as it fosters a collaborative approach to the development of the national economy. Cabinet calls on all citizens and stakeholders to close ranks and give maximum support to these measures which are designed to ease the plight of all our people and to place our country’s economy on a firm growth trajectory. As Zimbabweans, let us be driven by the sense of national pride, self-belief and the commitment to guaranteeing the integrity of our financial system


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