1. In 2018, Zimbabweans made a strong commitment to rebuild the economy, with a Vision of attaining an “Empowered and Prosperous Upper Middle-Income Society by 2030”. The ardent pursuit of this transformative and inclusive development agenda began in earnest with the successful implementation of the Transitional Stabilisation Programme: October 2018–December 2020.
2. The Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) primarily provided for macro fiscal stabilisation and investment mobilisation to facilitate growth. Admittedly, the path to this goal had a number of hurdles and risks, but Zimbabweans remained resolute and reaped the benefits. In the two years of the implementation of the TSP; through hard work, basics were fixed, paving way for durable stability and faster economic growth.
3. The TSP, thus marked the first step of a long journey and as the curtain comes down on the TSP; drawing on the strong Macro-economic foundations that have been laid, Government launched the second “leg” of the reform and development agenda – The National Development
Strategy 1 (NDS1), running from 2021 to 2025.
4. In summary, the key TSP milestones are as detailed below

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