Guidelines for Government of Zimbabwe Websites

This book contains recommended guidelines for development and management of Zimbabwe Government websites and Portals. The primary objective of these guidelines is to ensure that websites, belonging to all entities of the Government, at any level, are citizen centric and user friendly. These guidelines will assist Government Internet Service Provider (GISP), website Developers, Website Focal Persons, IT Managers and Webmasters of Government Departments in managing their websites in an effective and efficient manner. It is anticipated that compliance with these guidelines will ensure uniformity and consistency in content coverage and presentation and promote a strong corporate brand in Zimbabwe Government Web space. Therefore, it is advised that these guidelines be followed while developing or managing any Government website, portal or web based application.
The Guidelines were authored by a team led by the Department of Public Affairs and Knowledge Management, in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) and under the National Branding Initiative, underpinned by the Rapid Results Government Target Based Programme.

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