Tsvangirai Affidavit Explaining Presidential Election Petition Withdrawal

I, the undersigned,, MORGAN RICHARD TSVANGIRAI do hereby make oath and state that:

1.   It is with deep regret and sadness that I find myself having to depose to this affidavit, which I present for  purposes of explaining the reasons behind the withdrawal of the Election Petition just filed by my legal practitioners at my specific instance.

2.   It is common cause that I filed a Petition challenging the outcome of the Presidential Election in tenns of its processes and outcome.

3.  In the petition various allegations regarding the conduct of the elections by the 2nd Respondent were made, which allegations touch on the credibility and authenticity of the voting material which is currently under the control of the 2nd and 3rd Respondents.

4.   In order to gain access to voting material and other documents and information, two (2) Urgent Chamber Applications were filed under case EC 27 and 28/13. Whilst arguments were advanced on the points in limine, judgment was indefinitely reserved the matter. The merits have not been heard.

5.   On  the  same day  my  legal  practitioners  were called  to  attend  a  Case  Management Meeting presided over by the Chief Justice at which parties were directed to file papers according to a timeline as follows:

5.1 All parties to file all their papers including heads of argument by 20:00 hours (8pm) on Friday  16 August 2013.

5.2 Hearing of the Application/ petition cornmences at 10:00 am on Saturday 17 August 2013.

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