Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 32-2021 - Open Virtual Meetings Week Ending 10 September



[4th September 2021]

Open Committee Meetings Monday 6th and Thursday 9th August

[All Meetings Strictly Virtual]

The attachment to this bulletin is the full Schedule of Committee meetings for the week ending Friday 27 August 2021 provided by  Parliament.  All the meetings will be virtual – on the ZOOM platform

Below we list those meetings that will be open to virtual observation by members of the public [i.e., the meetings noted as “Open Session” in the attachment]. 

How to Follow Open Meetings on the ZOOM Platform

For assistance in following the proceedings in open meetings on the ZOOM platform as observers, interested persons should contact the following for the meeting IDs and passcode:

Mrs Nyawo, Assistant Clerk of Parliament, Tel: +263 242 700181-6; Cell: +263 772 892 769/ 716 339 364


Parliament’s Public Relations Office, Tel: +263 242 700181-6  or  +263 242 252936 – 55.

[When Veritas has them, we shall also share these details on Veritas social media –  and]


Monday 6th September at 10 am 

Portfolio Committee: Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services

Oral Evidence from Ministries of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Defence and War Veterans Affairs, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Public Service Commission and Pensions Office on petition from War Veterans Association, Harare Province regarding amendment of the state Service Pension Uniformed Forces.  

Portfolio Committee: Mines and Mining Development

Oral Evidence from the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development on the establishment and operations of the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company [ZCDC]


Thursday 9th September at 10 am

Portfolio Committee on Energy and Power Development

Oral evidence from the Ministry of Energy and Power Development on transformer distribution and the replacement of faulty transformers.


Portfolio Committee: Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation

Oral evidence from National Association of Youth Organisations on their petition regarding the reintroduction of the National Youth Service


Friday 10th September at 10 am

Public Accounts Sub-Committee on State-owned Enterprises and Parastatals

Oral evidence from entities that have not submitted their accounts to the Auditor-General.

Note:  See Auditor-General’s Report available on the Veritas website [link].



Members of the public, including Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, can at any time send written submissions to Parliamentary committees by email addressed to or by letter posted to the Clerk of Parliament, P.O. Box 298, Causeway, Harare or delivered to Parliament’s Kwame Nkrumah Avenue entrance in Harare.

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