2022 Budget - Post-Budget Consultations by Committees 30 November to 7 December

On 25th November, after the  Budget speech by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, the National Assembly adjourned until Tuesday afternoon 7th December, when the Budget debate on the Budget speech will resume.  The Senate also went into recess and will resume sitting the following week, on Tuesday 14th December. 

The period Tuesday 30th November to Tuesday morning 7th December will be devoted to Post-Budget Consultations to be carried out by the Public Accounts Committee and Portfolio Committees. 

All these Committees will hold two meetings.  The first meeting [on either Tuesday 30 November, Wednesday 1 or Thursday 2 December] will be to hear reactions to the Budget received from the Ministries and other entities the Committees supervise and from stakeholders and members of the public.  [These first meetings will be open to public attendance, either virtually only or hybrid [virtual or physical] or physical, as specified in the downloadable document below.]  Each committee will then hold a second meeting to finalise the report to be presented on its behalf by its chairperson during the Budget debate.  [These second meetings will be closed meetings, i.e., not open to public attendance.]

The downloadable Parliamentary document below sets out the full programme for the meetings and specifies whether they virtual, hybrid or simply open.  It also identifies the venue of each meeting that is open to hybrid and physical attendance.

Download File: