Voter Registration Blitz National Itinerary 1 - 28 February 2022

All pages, except the first page, of the PDF document downloadable below were downloaded from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] website.   It is the digital version of the tables showing the  notice headed Mobile Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) Centres for Delimitation Itinerary: Phase 1 published by ZEC in newspapers on 25th January 2022.   These tables formed the greater part of the newspaper notice; in the newspaper notice, however, the tables were preceded by a notification “for general information” by Mr U. Silaigwana, the Chief Elections Officer of ZEC, which was not reproduced in the document posted on its website.


For the sake of completeness, therefore, Veritas has added a title page to the downloadable document which sets out the heading that appeared in the newspaper notice and the notification for general information by the Chief Elections Officer.   This is why the Veritas document has 84 pages, compared to the 83 pages of the notice posted on the ZEC website.  Otherwise the two documents should be identical.


Download File: