SI 2022-090 National Employment Council for the Tourism Industry Memorandum of Agreement

Gazetted 13-05-2022
THE employer party and the employee party of the National Employment Council for the Tourism Industry have agreed on the following with effect from the 1st of October, 2021 to 30th November, 2021:
(i) 77% increment on basic salary across board;
(ii) 77% increment on housing allowance;
(iii) 77% increment on transport allowance;
(iv) 77% increment on fuel;
(v) 77% increment on lights;
(vi) COVID-19 allowance remains unchanged.
Those companies remunerating their employees in USD are mandated to pay NEC and trade union dues in USD or equivalent at the prevailing interbank rate.
NB: For computation of trade union and NEC dues, COVID-19 allowances shall be added to the basic salary only for the lifespan of the agreement.

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