Finance Bill HB 9A, 2022 (Consolidated Version)

The downloadable document below is a CONSOLIDATED VERSION of this Bill, kindly supplied by the Parliament of Zimbabwe, showing the Finance Bill as passed by the National Assembly and sent to the Senate on 1st September 2022. 

This consolidated version shows the changes undergone by the Bill during its passage through the Committee Stage in the National Assembly.  These changes include not only amendments to a number of clauses but also the deletion of some clauses.  The original numbering of the clauses has, however, been retained, which is the explanation for apparent gaps in the text.

The Senate passed the Bill on 7th September but, as requested by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, has returned the Bill to the National Assembly with recommendations for the amendment of of clauses 2 and 3 to clear up discrepancies.  [The Constitution prohibits the Senate from amending the Bill but allows it to recommend amendments to the National Assembly.]

The original Bill HB 9, 2022 is also available on this website here.

Download File: