Parliamentary Committees Series 37-2022 - Open Committee Meetings Week Ending Friday 30 September



[24th September 2022]

Open Committee Meetings for Week Ending Friday 30th September
Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th September

Open committee meetings [meetings that are open to attendance by members of the public as observers only] are scheduled for the week, as shown below [information provided by Parliament]. 

Monday 26th September at 10 am

Public Accounts Committee [Full Committee]

Oral evidence from Parliament Administration on:

1.   the audit issues raised in the Auditor General’s Reports for 2019 and 2020; and

2.  the tender for procurement of laptops.

Hybrid of ZOOM and physical meeting.

Venue: Senate Chamber, Parliament Building.

Portfolio Committee: Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services

Oral evidence on petitions to Parliament received from the:

1.    Residents Coalition for Electoral Reforms [RACER] on:

                      i.         Repealing SI 225A of 2020 [link[Comment by Veritas: SI 225A is the statutory instrument of dubious validity that prohibits the holding of Parliamentary and local authority by-elections while COVID-19 continues to be a formidable epidemic disease for the purposes of the Public Health Act. This is still the case.  By-elections, however, have been held since the beginning of 2022 regardless of this prohibition.]

                     ii.         Strategy and measures by the Registrar-General to decentralise issuance of identity documents.

2.   Hauna Residents on malpractices by ZRP officers in Hauna, Mutasa North Constituency.

Physical meeting.

Venue: Committee Room 1, Parliament Building

Portfolio Committee: Environment etc

Oral evidence from the  Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe on the implementation status of gender-responsive approaches and social inclusion towards climate change mitigation in Zimbabwe.

Hybrid of ZOOM and physical meeting.

Venue: Committee Room 413, Parliament Building.

Monday 26th September at 2 pm

Portfolio Committee: Transport and Infrastructural Development

Oral evidence on the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Infrastructural Development on petitions received from the:

1.    Limpopo-Zambezi Transporters Company on the establishment of the Road Accident Fund; and

2.    Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe on reducing the speed limit from 60 km per hour to 30 km per hour in built-up areas.

Physical meeting.

Venue: National Assembly Chamber, Parliament Building.

Tuesday 27th September at 10 am

Portfolio Committee: Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement

Oral evidence from the Agricultural Finance Corporation Bank on the recruitment of the Chief Executive Officer and senior management. 

Physical meeting.

Venue: Senate Chamber, Parliament Building.

Thursday 29th September at 9 am

Portfolio Committee: Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

1.    Oral evidence from the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services on the performance of prisons projects.

2.    Oral evidence from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] on the petition from the Zimbabwe Election Support Network [ZESN] on Electoral Reforms and ZESN’s proposed Electoral Amendment Bill.

Physical meeting.

Venue: National Assembly Chamber, Parliament Building.

Thursday 29th September at 10 am

Portfolio Committee: Energy and Power Development

Unpacking of the Electricity Amendment Bill, H.B. 7, 2022, by the Ministry of Energy and Power Development.  [Note: The Bill is available on the Veritas website [link].  Veritas has issued Bill Watch 42/2022 which analyses the Bill critically and is also available on the Veritas website [link].]

Virtual meeting on ZOOM platform. 

How to Follow Virtual and Hybrid Open Meetings on the ZOOM Platform

For assistance in following the proceedings in virtual and hybrid open meetings on the ZOOM platform as observers, interested persons should contact the following for the meeting ID and passcode: Parliament’s Public Relations Office, Tel: +263 242 700181-6  or  +263 242 252936 – 55.  

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