Election Watch 6-2022 - Electoral Amendment Bill gazetted & Correction to An Early Election


[19th November 2022]

Early Election : Correction of Election Watch 5/2022

Electoral Amendment Bill Gazetted

Veritas is a legal think-tank, not a mathematical one.  This became clear two days ago in our Election Watch 5/2022 [link] when we tried to assess whether ZANU-PF could get a two-thirds majority in the Senate to pass a resolution dissolving Parliament.  We got the numbers wrong.  What we should have said was this:

The Senate has 80 Senators, so 54 votes constitute a two-thirds majority.  ZANU-PF has only 34 seats, but there are 18 Senator Chiefs who usually vote with the ruling party, giving it a probable 52 votes.  ZANU-PF could probably pick up the extra two votes needed for a two-thirds majority from the two Senators representing persons with disabilities and the 16 Senators representing the MDC-T.

Our conclusion remains the same:  if the ruling party wants an early general election, it can probably get the votes in needs to achieve this.


New Electoral Amendment Bill

Yesterday the Government published an Electoral Amendment Bill in the Gazette.  It can be accessed on the Veritas website [link].

We shall publish an analysis of the Bill as soon as we can.