Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 03-2023 - Open Committee Meetings - Monday 6 - Thursday 9 February



[5th February 2023]

Open Committee Meetings : Monday 30th January to Thursday 2nd February

The committee meetings listed below will be open to members of the public as observers only during the coming week.  

No virtual meetings  

All committee meetings will be physical meetings only.  As announced in both Houses in December, virtual committee meetings and virtual sittings of the Senate and National Assembly are no longer being conducted, by decision of the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders..  

Monday 6th February at 2 pm

Portfolio Committee: Budget, Finance and Economic Development

Oral evidence from the Insurance  and Pensions Commission [IPEC], Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Zimbabwe Insurance Pension Commission Trust on a petition from  ZISCO STEEL pensioners.  The ZISCO STEEL pensioners’ prayer is to be paid pensions with value addition.  

Venue:  Senate Chamber.

Portfolio Committee: Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare

Oral evidence from the  National Social Security Authority on a petition from Nkomo and Others on the need to review the meagre pension pay-outs by NSSA.

Venue: Committee Room No. 1

Thursday 9th February [Morning]

Portfolio Committee: Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

Evidence on three separate petitions will be heard at the following times:

At 10.00 am

Oral evidence from Claud Kahano on the petition regarding enactment of a law that empowers the electorate to recall incompetent and non-performing elected officials.

At 10.45 am

Oral evidence from the Institute for Young Women’s Development on its petition regarding nomination fees and access to the voters roll and electoral maps fees for election candidates (SI 144 and SI 145 of 2022).  

Note:  Both statutory instruments are available on the Veritas website: SI 144 [link] and SI 145 [link].  Veritas has commented critically on both statutory instruments in Election Watch 1/2022 [link] and Election Watch 2/2022 [link]. 

At 11.30 am

Oral evidence from Madla Tshuma on his petition regarding the need to include journalists among persons who qualify for postal voting ahead of the 2023 harmonized elections.

Venue: National Assembly Chamber.

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