SI 1995-74A Electoral (Applications, Appeals and Petitions) Rules, 1995

Note: These rules were published in terms of the Electoral Act, 1990 (later Chapter 2:01), at a time when:
• there was no Electoral Court, and electoral applications, appeals and petitions were made to the High Court, and
• the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission had not been established, and elections were conducted by the Registrar-General of Elections.
Since then the 1990 Act has been substituted by the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13], the Electoral Court has been established as a specialised division of the High Court, and elections are conducted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission The titles of some electoral officials have also changed. Hence references in these rules to:
• the High Court should be construed as references to the Electoral Court (i.e. the Electoral Division of the High Court),
• the Registrar-General should be construed as references to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, and
• a constituency registrar should be construed as references to a constituency election officer.



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