SI 2005-021 Electoral Regulations 2005 Consolidated to 2018.06

Statutory Instrument 21 of 2005(Published in Government Gazette Extraordinary dated the 14th February 2005. Commencement: 14th February 2005)
updated to 1st June 2018(The regulations were amended ahead of the 2013 harmonised elections of 31st July 2013, resulting in the removal of provisions relating to voter registration, nomination of candidates and accreditation of observers and their re-enactment in the following standalone regulations: registration of voters (SI 69), nomination of candidates (SI 88) and accreditation of observers (SI 89). New regulations have since then been published for nomination of candidates (SI 153/2014) and registration of voters (SI 85/2017).)

IT is hereby notified that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, in terms of section 192 of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13], has, with the approval of the Minister, made the following regulations:—


1. These regulations may be cited as the Electoral Regulations, 2005.


2. In these regulations—
“form” means the appropriate form set out in the First Schedule.




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