SC 387-23 Saviour Kasukuwere V Lovedale Mangwana and Ors Appellant's Heads of Argument

For and on behalf of the Appellant in respect of an appeal enrolled for hearing on the 27th of July
2023 at 2:30 PM

1. Never in the history of litigation in this country has a private citizen, with the remotest of interest in the subject matter, ferociously fought to remove a candidate from exercising his right to participate in, and if elected then to hold public office. For the same reason, one will not find any precedent in which this unfounded tactic has found favour in the courts, not just in Zimbabwe but in any civilized democracy. Having been challenged in the Supreme Court, the applicant filed an urgent application for directions in regard to urgent set down of the matter. It was granted thus the urgent hearing of the instant appeal.