Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 22-2023 - All Committee Business is Suspended This Week 20 -24 November



[20th November 2023]

All Committee Business is Suspended This Week

Monday 20th to Friday 24th November

Both the National Assembly and the Senate adjourned after last Thursday’s sittings until Tuesday 28th November.  Neither House will, therefore, be sitting this week. 

Accordingly, as announced in both Houses last week, all Committee business is suspended until next Monday 27th November.

The schedule for resumption of Committee business provided by Parliament will be posted on the Veritas website in the folder Parliamentary Committee Meetings [linkwhen we receive it from Parliament  – usually on Friday afternoons.     

Committee meetings that are in open session next week – i.e., meetings that are open to attendance by members of the public – will be listed in the next bulletin in the above series.

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