Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees Series 17-2013



[28th October 2013]

Parliamentary Committees – Part 2

The last Bill Watch in this Parliamentary Committees Series, 16/2013 of 24th October, dealt with the Standing Rules and Orders Committee, the Public Accounts Committee and the Parliamentary Legal Committee.  This Bill Watch continues with Parliament’s investigative committees, starting with the Senate’s thematic committees.

Senate Thematic Committees

The Senate has 6 thematic committees – the same number, and with the same names, as in the Senate of the last Parliament. 

Thematic committees are provided for in Standing Orders.  They were set up for the first time during the last Parliament, following the reversion to a bicameral Parliament in 2005.  A thematic committee’s name identifies the theme or themes designated for it by the Standing Rules and Orders Committee [SROC].


Thematic committees are not intended to not duplicate the efforts of the National Assembly’s portfolio committees.  The mandates of the two different types of committee are different.  Standing Orders describe the mandate of the thematic committees thus: “It shall be the function of such committees to examine government policies which fall under or relate to the designated theme or themes, and other matters falling under their jurisdictions as the Standing Rules and Orders Committee may determine.”

[In contrast, portfolio committees exercise oversight over the Government ministries and departments allocated to them by the SROC as reflected in their names. and Standing Orders describe their functions as follows: “It shall be the function of such committees to examine expenditure, administration and policy of government departments and other matters falling under their jurisdictions as Parliament may, by resolution determine.  Portfolio committees are also tasked with examining Bills produced by “their” Ministries as soon as they are gazetted with a view to reporting on the Bills at the Second Reading stage in the National Assembly.]


The results of a thematic committee’s investigations are presented to the full Senate in the form of reports.  [Veritas will be making these reports available once they have been tabled in the Senate].

Membership of Thematic Committees

Gender and Development

Chairperson: Sibanda [Watchy] – MDC-T

ZANU-PF:  Chizema [Cleveria]; Goto [Rosemary]; Jadagu [Grace]; Mahofa [Shuvai]; Matiirira [Address]; Mavhunga [Monica]; Muchenje [Virginia]; Mupfumira [Priscah]; Muzenda [Tsitsi]

MDC-T:  Mabugu [Farirai Ethel]; Moeketsi [Violet]; Muchihwa [Rorana]; Sibanda [Agnes]

MDC:  Khumalo [Dorothy]

Chiefs: Chiduku;  Masendu; Nembire

Disabled persons’ representative: Shiri [Annah]

Clerk: Mr Chiremba


Chairperson: Timveos [Lilian] – MDC-T

ZANU-PF: Bhebhe [Medeline]; Chimbudzi [Alice]; Chizema [Cleveria]; Manyeruke [Jenia]; Masuku [Angeline]; Mathuthu [Thokozile]; Mkwebhu [Alma]; Mohadi [Tambudzani]; Mumvuri [Damiani]; Mutsvangwa [Monica]

MDC-T: Chabuka [Keresencia]; Chifamba [Jane]; Juba [Alphina]; Ncube [Siphiwe]; Nyathi [Rosemary]; Sinampande [Hebert]

MDC: Ndhlovu [Joyce]

Chiefs: Chisunga; Chitanga; Gwenzi. Marozva; Nembire; Ngungumbane;

Clerk: Mrs Khumalo

Human Rights

Chairperson: Nyambuya [Michael] – ZANU-PF

ZANU-PF: Machingaifa [Tapera]; Maluleko [Otilia]; Manyeruke [Jenia]; Mawire [Judith]; Muchenje [Virginia]; Musaka [Mike]

MDC-T: Carter [Michael]; Holland [Sekai]; Makore [James]; Marava [Misheck]; Muronzi [Martha]; Ncube [Siphiwe]; Sinampande [Hebert]; Timveos [Lilian]

Chiefs: Charumbira; Chisunga; Gampu IV; Mtshane; Nebiri; Ntabeni; Nyangazonke; Siansali;

Disabled persons’ representative: Mashavakure [Nyamayabo]

Clerk: Mr Munjenge

Indigenization and Empowerment

Chairperson: Chizema [Cleveria] – ZANU-PF]

[*Hon Chizema’s nomination as chairperson was announced by the President of the Senate on 23rd October.  The original announcement named Hon Monica Mavhunga as chairperson.]

ZANU-PF: Bhebhe [Medeline]; Goto [Rosemary]; Mahofa [Shuvai]; Maluleko [Otilia]; Matiirira [Address]; Mavhunga [Monica]; Mupfumira [Priscah]; Mutsvangwa [Monica]; Tawengwa [Charles]

MDC-T: Chabuka [Keresencia]; Chitaka [Patrick]; Hlalo [Matson]; Juba [Alphina]; Mabhugu [Farirai Ethel]; Mlotshwa [Sithembile]; Nyathi [Rosemary]; Sibanda [Watchy]

MDC: Ndhlovu [Joyce]

Chiefs: Chitanga; Dandawa; Marozva; Musarurwa; Nyamukoho; Nyangazonke

Disabled persons’ representative: Mashavakure [Nyamayabo]

Clerk: Mr Ratsakatika

Millennium Development Goals

Chairperson: Chief Mtshane

ZANU-PF: Mahofa [Shuvai]; Masuku [Angeline]; Mathuthu [Thokozile]; Mkwebhu [Alma]; Tawengwa [Charles]

MDC-T: Chifamba [Jane]; Komichi [Morgen]; Mlotshwa [Sithembile]; Moeketsi [Violet]; Muchihwa [Rorana]; Muronzi [Martha]

MDC: Khumalo [Dorothy]

Chiefs: Dandawa; Gwenzi; Masendu; Ngungumbane; Siansali

Disabled persons’ representative: Shiri [Annah]

Clerk: Mrs Hazvina

Peace and Security

Chairperson: Mumvuri  [Damiani] – ZANU-PF

ZANU-PF:Chimbudzi [Alice]; Chizema [Cleveria]; Jadagu [Grace]; Mawire [Judith]; Mohadi [Tambudzani]; Musaka [Mike]; Mutsvangwa [Monica]; Muzenda [Tsitsi]; Nyambuya [Michael]

MDC-T: Carter [Michael]; Chitaka [Patrick]; Hlalo [Matson]; Holland [Sekai]; Komichi [Morgen]; Makore [James]; Marava [Misheck]; Sibanda [Agnes]; Timveos [Lilian]

Chiefs: Charumbira; Chiduku; Gampu IV; Musarurwa; Nembire; Ntabeni; Nyamukoho

Clerk: Mr Kunzwa

To follow: the National Assembly Portfolio Committees.


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