GN 2013-512 - Appointment of Members of the Compensation Committee

General Notice 512 of 2013.


Appointment of Members of the Compensation Committee


IT is hereby notified that, in terms of section 29A of the Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:10], the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, has appointed the following persons as members of the Compensation Committee for a period of three years commencing on the lst of October, 2013.


1. Mrs. S. C. Tsvakwi (Chairperson).

2. Mrs. V. Mabiza.

3. Mr. W. L. Manungo.

4. Mr. M. Dzinoreva.

5. Mrs . E. Sumowah.

6. Mr. E. Ziro.

7. Mr. C. Nedie.

8. Mr. A. Chilonga.

9. Mr. S. Moyo.

10. M.r. L Chimba.

11. Mr. Z. Murungweni.


Alternate members


Mr. F Ngorora                          alternate to Mr. W. L. Manungo

Mr. J. Mukaratirwa                   alternate to Mrs. V. Mabiza

Mr. C. Mukwende                    alternate to Mr. C. Nedie

Mt. N. V. M. Mupita                 alternate to Mrs. E. Sumowah




                                                                        HON. D. MOMBESHORA,

1-11-2013.                                                                   Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement.

Note by Veritas - 2016 Appointments to the Compensation Committee are available here.

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