COMMISSIONS WATCH 02-2024 - Public Interviews of ZHRC Candidates


[10th April 2024]

Public Interviews for 15 Candidates for Appointment as

Commissioners of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission:
Thursday 11th April 2024

Parliament’s Committee on Standing Rules and Orders (CSRO) will, on Thursday 11th April 2024, conduct public interviews of 15  candidates for appointment by the President as commissioners of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC).   This is according to an advertisement placed by Parliament in the print media and on Parliament’s social media handles.  The interviews will start at 9 am.

The advertisement states that earlier this year the CSRO called on the public to nominate persons to be considered for appointment to the ZHRC and that 55 nominations were received by the closing date (37 males and 18 females).  The CSRO then met and shortlisted 15 suitable candidates for public interviews.

The names of the final 15 candidates – all women – are listed in the ZHRC Final Shortlist Public Interview Programme, which is attached to this email.  The programme also contains the times of the interview slot of each candidate.  Interviews are allotted 20 minutes each.

How Can Members of the Public Follow the Interviews

Parliament has two suggestions in its advertisement for members of the public who wish to follow the interviews, EITHER:

·by using Parliament’s social media handles Twitter (X), Facebook, live-streaming, etc.  Links to these platforms can be obtained by visiting Parliament’s website; OR

·from the Multi-Purpose Hall at the New Parliament Building, Mount Hampden.  The hall will have a video link to the venue for the interviews, in Committee Room No. 1, First Floor, New Parliament Building.

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