Request for Application

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 Request for Application (RFA) for Zimbabwe Constitutional Movement (ZICOMO) Award: 72061321RFA00009 - Promoting Constitutionalism Activity 

Dear Prospective Applicant: 

Veritas Zimbabwe, under the ZICOMO USAID Agreement No. 72061321RFA00009, is issuing a Request for Applications (RFA) from qualified entities to implement the Promoting Constitutionalism Activity. Eligibility for this award is restricted to local organizations. The organization should have structures that reach all or some of the 10 provinces in Zimbabwe especially rural women and marginalized communities. Organizations that have the capacity to reach the Diaspora community are also requested to apply. 

The ZICOMO project seeks to foster a culture of rule of law and respect for and implementation of the Constitution and the rights therein. Zimbabwe is a Constitutional Democracy. This can broadly be defined as a system of governance under which the power of the government is limited by the rule of law. Constitutionalism recognizes the need to curtail the power of other arms of government to protect the rights of groups and individuals. Zimbabwe’s constitution is the foundational document for how the government is structured and functions and is the standard by which all laws, policies, and practices are measured in order to sustain a free, democratic society. 

Veritas Zimbabwe, on behalf of ZICOMO, is pleased to invite interested and qualified Organizations specialized in democracy, governance, and human rights activities to apply for funding as a sub-partner under the conditions stipulated in this RFA. Applicants must present a holistic activity that addresses at least one or all three objectives and any attendant sub-objectives. 

Applications must be submitted electronically by email and must consist of the following: (a) Technical Application and (b) Cost Application. The body of the Technical Application should not be longer than 5 pages, excluding the cover page and appendices. Applications must be typewritten in a 12-font size, Times New Roman for the text of the Technical Application and use size A4 paper with one-inch margins, with 1.15 line spacing. For the Cost Application, please refer to the Cost Application Instructions in section 1.3 of the RFA for budgeting guidance. Applications must be submitted with the name and address of the applicant and award number 72061321RFA00009 Applicants should retain a copy of their applications and accompanying enclosures for their records. 

QUESTIONS: Prospective applicants who have questions concerning the contents of this targeted RFA should submit them in writing via email by 5pm, July 10th, 2024. If necessary, Veritas will provide answers to all relevant questions received and an amendment that will be shared on July 15th, 2024. All the questions and documents required for this targeted RFA should be submitted through

Electronic submission: Please include “ZICOMO sub partner: Promoting Constitutionalism Activity in the subject line. 

DUE DATE: Applications must be received by the closing date and time identified in this solicitation. NO late applications will be accepted under any circumstance. Electronic copies are requested in Microsoft Office compatible formats (Word and Excel). Applicants will receive an automatic reply acknowledging receipt of their electronic submission. Incomplete applications and applications that do not meet the provided specifications will NOT be considered.